Memory Experiment is a photography project/exercise in which I set out to fill a 16GB memory card with photos within a week's time, November 28 - December 3, 2019.

There were no set rules, I formatted my memory card and set the camera to take maximum quality JPG images.

My camera display initially read as 1600 images of space for possible photos. I made 312. All of these images are held in this directory.

To access those files please follow these steps:

  1. Copy this text:  
  2. Paste it after the URL of this web-page
  3. Replace "n" with any number between 1 - 312 ( ex: )
  4. Press "Enter"

In the archive you'll find my week documented. Some subjects repeat, others are unique. From the get go I was hopeful but after the second day I realized I would never reach the 1600 image goal.
The first day I made 132 images, the second day was 42, then 40, 11, 43, 25, and finally 19...         (Friday picks up with 43 as there are multiples of several subjects)
I started strong but my daily image count slowly declined. I think it was a combination of being more particular with what I was photographing and a slow decline of interest.
However, what I did achieve was sharing my life in images by uploading them here. An unfiltered week of photos for the internet.
Some may be interesting to you, others may not. Each of them are interesting to me so all of them mustn't be interesting to someone.